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“Nature-based Solutions” for Disaster Risk Reduction

3rd International ConferenceNatural Hazards and Risks in a Changing World
Addressing Compound and Multi-Hazard Risk


Lea Appulo (Wetlands International European Association)


Timothy Tiggeloven (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)Paul Brotherton (Wetlands International European Association)

Europe faces a dual crisis of burning landscapes and rising waters due to the relentless impacts of climate change, propelling us towards the precipice of irreversible climate tipping points. Urgency is paramount in accelerating and amplifying disaster risk reduction efforts, and we must adopt an ecosystem-centric approach to effect systemic change. Working with nature instead of against is imperative. We contend that  Nature-based Solutions (NbS) should be viewed as integral investments to disaster risk reduction and climate adaptation strategies, applicable across the spectrum of global, national, and local levels. Moreover, we advocate for their integration and swift proliferation to fortify landscapes and bolster community resilience.

This session will explore innovative NbS in Europe and abroad and how investments can be rapidly deployed and scaled up to address the inter-linked planetary crises, making people and property safer while achieving multiple policy objectives, including adapting to floods and droughts. The session serves as a catalyst for in-depth discussions regarding the pivotal role of NbS in mitigating systemic risks in the context of our changing climate. We invite explorations encompassing cutting-edge NbS initiatives both within Europe and on a global scale. Next to this, we welcome research on strategies for the rapid deployment and expansion of these solutions, addressing the intricate web of interconnected planetary crises.