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3rd International ConferenceNatural Hazards and Risks in a Changing World
Addressing Compound and Multi-Hazard Risk

General advances in disaster risk science and compound events

Convener: Nicole van Maanen
Co-convener(s): Kai Kornhuber, Kelley De Polt , Christian Kuhlicke, Axel Bronstert
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Demonstration of tools and services

Convener: James Daniell
Co-convener(s): Roxana Ciurean
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How Can Stakeholder Engagement and Knowledge Co-Production Enhance Effective Multi-Risk Management?

Convener: Roxana Ciurean
Co-convener(s): Jaroslav Mysiak, Simron Singh
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Science for policy and practice: Synergising Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation

Convener: Lydia Cumiskey
Co-convener(s): Stefan Schneiderbauer, Philip Ward
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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Multi-Risk Assessment

Convener: Silvia Torresan
Co-convener(s): Rene Orth, Davide Ferrario
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Storylines and narratives for multi-hazard, multi-risk decision-making

Convener: Julia Crummy
Co-convener(s): Lara Smale, Melanie Duncan, Dana Stuparu
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Assessing multi-hazard risk using Earth-Observation data

Convener: Cees van Westen
Co-convener(s): Colin Raymond, Christian Geiss, Maria Arango Carmona
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Health and Disasters

Convener: Marleen de Ruiter
Co-convener(s): Nivedita Sairam, Sophie Buijs
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Recent developments in multi-hazard early-warning systems

Convener: Robert Sakic Trogrlic
Co-convener(s): Marleen de Ruiter, Marc van den Homberg
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“Nature-based Solutions” for Disaster Risk Reduction

Convener: Lea Appulo
Co-convener(s): Timothy Tiggeloven, Paul Brotherton
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Advancing critical infrastructure modelling in a complex world

Convener: Elco Koks
Co-convener(s): Alexander Fekete, Sadhana Nirandjan
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Systemic risk – assessing, modelling, coping

Convener: Jana Sillmann
Co-convener(s): Markus Reichstein, Pia-Johanna Schweizer
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Dynamics, interdependencies and interactions of risk drivers

Convener: Wiebke Jäger
Co-convener(s): Benjamin Poschlod, Sirkku Juhola, Tristian Stolte
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Learning from the past: historical perspectives and ‘success stories’ of DRR

Convener: Annegret Thieken
Co-convener(s): Heather Murdock, Marie-Luise Zenker
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